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CPMS – RICE NESHAP Gas Monitoring System

Meet federally mandated requirements for monitoring exhaust gasses of diesel or methane powered generators with the CPMS- RICE NESHAP gas monitoring system.

The Continuous Parameter Monitoring System (CPMS) provides fulfillment monitoring and logging of exhaust from diesel or methane powered engines/generators as required by the U.S. federal government guidelines for RICE-NESHAP.



Federally Compliant RICE-NESHAP Gas Monitoring

This instrument effectively monitors catalyst differential pressure of exhaust gasses and temperature, with triggered alarms that can be sent through to your maintenance system alerts.

Choose Your Connection

The CPMS – RICE NESHAP Gas Monitor connects through FTP server, USB, or ties right into your business maintenance system via ethernet connection.

RICE NESHAP Gas Monitor Interior

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